Why I Won’t Tell You Who I’m Voting For

This is the first, and last, time that I will talk politics.

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The once United Kingdom of Great Britain is no longer united and no longer great, in my opinion. This election is only highlighting the growing chasm of divide in this country. And now is a delicate time, where we need unity more than we ever have before…

People need people.

I am not alone in saying or believing this.

People are also different.

We have different opinions, we hold different priorities closer to our heart. And for these reasons we are never going to be unanimously happy with one political party. Even if we vote for a certain party, it is unlikely that we are going to fully believe in every single one of their policies.

In this election I have been unsure about who to vote for but I have also been hesitant to wrestle into the mud bath of propaganda and lies to attempt to find out. I do believe that it is important to cast a vote that is sensibly considered. However, I am not going to spend all my time trying to work out the truth from the lies, amongst what politicians say.

I guess I have always been kinda disillusioned with politics. Partly this might be due to my lack of understanding of it all. But partly because it is hard for me to see what real, concrete change any one party can make.

For me, division is one of the greatest problems at the moment. For all the problems and issues that we have in our communities, in this country and around the world, we need togetherness.

Having worked in marine conservation my whole-hearted priority is the climate emergency, which can only be solved with a whole-world effort.

But I totally understand that this is not everyones first priority. I am not going to tell you that it should be your first priority. Just like I’m not going to tell you who to vote for.

Unfortunately, in this election some people believe that they should broadcast how myself (and others) should vote.

You know what happens when someone tells me what to do? I run in the opposite direction.

I hate being told what to do, not least when it should be entirely my decision as to how I am going to do something (like voting, in this case). And I doubt that I’m alone in this.

If you broadcast how people should vote, you might push people, who are on the fence, in the opposite direction.

You are also causing more divisiveness by condemning other options of how to vote. There are multiple parties to vote for, for a reason.

It’s totally fair to say HOW you’re going to vote. And it’s totally fair to explain WHY you’re voting in that way. I really respect that. I will read it all the way through. And I have no doubt that so will others.

Discussion and the sharing of different perspectives is important. I am definitely ill-informed and I find it hard to make up my own opinion, so hearing why you’ve made your decision is actually very beneficial for me, personally.

I recently read a facebook friend’s post about why he is voting for a certain party. I may not agree with everything he said but I still read it all the way through. And I appreciate his honesty. I also appreciate that he never said that anyone else should vote like he planned to.

On the flipside, some are sharing the opinion that there is only one party that we should all vote for, or one party that we all shouldn’t vote for.

In my opinion, it is highly unconstructive to suggest that others cannot, and should not, vote in another way.

To say or suggest that you will think differently of someone because they intend to vote for a different party than the one you intend to vote for could be seen as being a little close-minded.

I am completely content with who I decided to vote for…

But I’m not going to tell you who I voted for because I don’t feel the need to.

I will, however, say that I chose to vote entirely based on policy.

By the way, I am not saying that you shouldn’t express who you’re voting for, if that is what you want to do. I just think that some can take it to an extreme.

Whatever happens, whoever wins, I just hope against hope that this Kingdom can once again be United. Without unity I am not sure what hope there is.

I write about my curiosities and experiences. My background is in Biology (Oxford Uni) and scuba diving. Subscribe: creativelyadventurous.substack.com

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