Hi Steve, thank you for taking the time to read my piece and I'm glad to hear that you found some value in it!

1. I totally agree with you about writing. Social media is definitely a great tool for marketing writing (and many other things). It would be pretty hard to get your voice out there without it!

2. I also value social interaction and one reason why I would never leave social media is so as not to lose contact with the many people whom I've met over the years. It is a network and a place where we can connect with friends and family despite distance and I do love social media for that reason.

3. Yeah it seems that our lives are often intertwined with social media in such a way that completely abandoning it is not a realistic possibility.

4. You ask a very good question there. If I'm honest I don't know the answer and there's a good chance it might be different for everyone. Personally I have more recently taken another 'detox' and taken slightly more extreme measures so as to keep my use of socials more reduced (I hope to share about that soon on here). I do believe that being mindful of the ways that social media can cause addiction is very powerful; as they say, knowledge is power. That way it should be easier to catch ourselves should we fall into an addiction with it. But having already experienced a different type of addiction maybe you would more easily notice the signs?

You definitely made me think there and I really enjoyed reading your constructive response! Thanks again for reading and commenting :)

I write about my curiosities and experiences. My background is in Biology (Oxford Uni) and scuba diving. Subscribe: creativelyadventurous.substack.com

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